Saturday, January 21, 2006

More Pictures - Sci and Maths Party

Date:8Nov 1969. Place:Cookery Room
Purpose: To clean-up after party.
Actual: More party and more clean-up.
Pang Ching Sing, Chua Geok Hoon, Tan Ah Lai, Huang Yuet Ngor, Low Choon Foi

A scene from the Maths and Science Societies Party

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Activities during the year 1969

Group Photo of Year 1969 Girl Guides

Sports Day on 7 July 1969
Photographic Society
Science Society
Library Committee Members

Saturday, January 14, 2006

This was my class, so I will include the names of everyone
Standing back row from left to right:
Siah Boon Seng, Kamal, Danarajah, Low Choon Foi, Chew Tian Sheng, Tan Ah Yee, Nyansegar, Tey Heng Hong, Lim Sum Teck
Standing Middle row from left to right:
Chua Kim Teck, Boo Hian, Ong Hong Lim, Zainal, Ong Boon Tee, Loh Chin Fatt, Tay Ah Kam, Lee Chin Meng, Chong Pak Chong, Goh Kai Huan
Sitting from left to right:
Chou Kan Yin, Wong Lee Siong, Vijayakumar, Huan Meng Chun, Mr Thomas, Ong Siew Ngor, Saw Ah Fai, Huang Yuet Ngor, Yau Geok Lan
This is the class next door. Why must
some people stretch legs while sitting?

This class 2 doors away only. Do you know all the photos during

the year were printed by me?

Mr Thomas, class teacher year 1969. He was from the American

Peace Corps and sent to 3rd world countries like Malaysia as a form

of aid. Our 1st Peace Corp teacher was Mr Warren Wilkinson who was

with Ledang 4 years earlier.

This was a snapshot of Class 4A.

Right in front was Boo Hian reading a copy of Newsweek with

picture of Ho Chi Min as cover page (Ho Chi Min was President

of North Vietnam at that time before the fall of Saigon).

Behind him were Choon Foi and Tan Ah Yee, both high-jumpers of Ledang School.

This was the Maths and Science Societies year-end party held

in the classes at the block opposite the staff room.

I jumped the gun; this was supposely the clean-up after the party.

We went to the cookery room the 2nd day and helped

ourselves to more food and drinks and the girls were around to

do the cleaning up after that. In a way it provided good training,

well Ledang girls should make good housewives.

During the Maths and Science party.

One photo for the album. The print is small and not so clear too.